Hostel Facility: For students who are long way from home Shachdeva Classes have hostels of its own. So that student dont have to bother where to live. Hostels are well maintained with proper food and bed provided. Disiplinary rules are maintained so the aspirant can give their maximum attention for their preparation.

Student Performance Feedback to Parents: Parents are notified of their ward/child's perfromance and all the test results are sent via sms or call services. This help parents to know their child's performance and how its increased before and in which subjects he/she needs help.

Transport Facility: For those who are Day Schoolar and lives with parents for them Shachdeva Classes have transportation facility. Buses will pick them up from provided landmarks and travel direct to our premisses.

Well Furnished Classrooms: Classrooms in Shachdeva are well equipped, hygenic and with maximum seats for students. They quality of classrooms are always maintained.

Parking: For those who uses vehicles, two wheelers, bikes and cycle for transportation for them we have parking facilities. Also gurads are provided incase of chances of theft.

Internet: Its important for students to be up to date with current affairs, So Shachdeva Classes have internet connections for students who want to explore more and stay connected with world.

Telephone: Students are from different location through out India, Shachdeva Classes have Telephones, Mobile to connect students with their parents, and also incase of emergencies.

First Aid: Injuries are inevitables. Medical help is also necessary keeping that in mind Shachdeva Classes installed first aid kits at different location inside the campus. In case of emergencies primary treatment will be given.

Photo Copy: Students are provided copies of study materials containing news, current affairs, test questions, solved problems and other study related materials.

RO Drinking Water: Waters is essential for life. We have R.O purified drinking water system installed near classrooms, in hostels etc. We care our students can learn with ease and comfort during their time in Shachdeva Classes.

SMS Result: Preparation for competitive exams means appearing as many VSTs students can. With every test the results are notified to parents and student by means of sms services.

CCTV Survelliance: CCTV cameras are installed at all the required places in our campus. Security is a concern for us and we dont want any mishap with our student their security is our utmost concern.

Library: Library is a heart of any institution. We have a knowledge centre full of books, magazines, news papers for students. They can read there or can issue books as per their requirements.

Bio-Metric Attendance: We have installed biometric attendance system for saving time and effort. Students can avail their attendance with just a finger press. Thus making attendance system less time taking and more accurate.

Security: Multiple guards are guarding and inspecting through out our campus. So the students can feel safe, get help where the alloted classes are scheduled and know the rules and regulation inside the campus.

Why Choose Shachdeva Classes !!!


  •  Course Plan : Our courses are systematically planned at the beginning of the session. It includes curriculum planning, syllabus division and test schedules.
  •  Faculty : Qualified and trained faculty.
  •  Lectures : Easily graspable, knowledgeable and focus on fundamentals.
  •  Study Materials : Relevant and up to date study material and test papers designed on the latest pattern of exams.
  •  Interaction : You have doubts??? We discuss... We explain... We clarify... We care...
  •  Evaluation : After complition of each topic we conduct tests.
  •  Academic Performance Analysis & Motivational Workshops.
  •  Environment : Our management with strict disipline for everyone. We provide complete learning in competative environment.